Ali Fitzgerald Paints Humboldthain 


S-Bahnhof Humboldthain, Berlin

urKultur was commissioned to develop a concept for the upgrading of S-Bahnhof Humboldthain in the centre of Berlin. The overground station, built in 1935, is located beside the highly popular Volkspark Humboldthain. We asked Ali Fitzgerald to work with us on this unique commission. Ali has brought her hallmark wit and elegance to this commission which celebrates the area known as Humboldthain, as experienced through the four seasons. According to Ali, "I loved sprinkling the murals with little details—because they’re so accessible to people, I wanted subway-riders to be able to spend some time looking at and enjoying them. I drew a lot of animal scenes at child-height, so that kids could inspect and discover them. It’s so nice to hear a child shout, “Eichhörnchen!” and get excited while looking at a painting. I also shifted things a bit as I went. So many older Wedding residents told me that they loved the murals so I added extra scenes of elders enjoying activities like water aerobics or playing cards."

Client: DB Station&Service

Role: Curator (Ruth Ur & Julia Kaschlinski)

Date: Ongoing

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© Julia Kaschlinski

Art Commission For New Library

National Library of Israel, Jerusalem

In 2022 the National Library of Israel will move into its state-of-the-art new premises in Jerusalem, designed by start architects Herzog de Meuron. The new building marks the end of a 130 years’ period in the NLI’s history and the start of a new period where the library promises to be much more than a library. New exhibition and interactive spaces are planned to engage not only scholars, but also tourists and school children. urKultur has been commissioned to work with the NLI team to develop an artistic component which will involve audiences around the world in the relaunch.

Client: National Library of Israel

Role: Curator (Ruth Ur & Yigal Schleifer)

Date: Ongoing


© Herzog & de Meuron

Sol Calero Takes Over Exit Friedrichstrasse


S-Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse, Berlin

Berlin-based artist Sol Calero was invited to create the second commission for Exit Friedrichstrasse. Her installation presents two views of the same scene: the view through a window looking out to the mountains and the sun; and a view from the outside of the house looking inwards. The view is inspired by the artist’s visits to Los Roques, an archipelago north of Caracas, Venezuela where Calero grew up. The archipelago bears the legacies of colonialism, and the picturesque houses – such as the one depicted here – present a combination of European, indigenous South American and Afro-Caribbean influences. Calero uses the hybrid architecture and its luscious setting to create in the middle of Berlin a vision of paradise; a vision that in the context of current travel restrictions becomes even more tantalising and unreachable. At the same time, the fragmented image, with its vivid and alluring colours and hints of recognisable forms is destined to remain a puzzle, challenging us to decipher what we see and desire. This edition of Exit Friedrichstrasse was realised in cooperation with Villeroy &Boch and Weltkunst magazine.

Client: DB Station&Service AG

Role: Curator & Commissioner

Date: Ongoing

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© Jörg Gläscher

Contemporary Artists & Historic Houses


European Jewish Country House Project

urKultur is partnering with the University of Oxford on a research programme led by the historian Professor Abigail Green. The Jewish Country House Project aims to establish Jewish country houses as a focus for research, a site of European memory and a significant aspect of European Jewish heritage and material culture. urKultur is working with the University of Oxford and consortium partners to develop a series of artistic commissions which will help open the subject to a wider audience. The first commission, already awarded a Creative Industries Seed Fund Award, is a new body of work by prizewinning architectural photographer Hélène Binet. Additional commissions are planned.

Client: University of Oxford 

Role: Curator, New Commissions 

Date: Ongoing


© Ruth Ur

Discovering the Lost World of Salonica 


Curated talks & tours

The Jewish Museum Frankfurt commissioned urKultur to curate a 4-day visit to the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki for their patrons and donors. Through a series of tailor-made lectures, interviews and walks the group was given an insight into both the Jewish and multicultural culture that characterised Salonica/Thessaloniki over the centuries as well as its almost entire destruction during the Holocaust. Meetings with the Mayor Yiannis Boutaris and President of the Jewish Community, David Saltiel, as well as with eye-witnesses and students, provided unique insights and perspectives. 

Client: Jewish Museum Frankfurt

Role: Curator & Producer

Date: 2019


© Konrad von Bethmann


Launching Exit Friedrichstrasse


Slavs & Tatars appointed for new public art commission 

In 2019 urKultur was commissioned by DB Station&Service to develop a concept for a space in Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse referred to as Exit Friedrichstrasse. Since the space includes two walls that cannot be seen simultaneously, the concept we developed was to invite a dialogue between the two spaces - either between two artists or between two works. Each commission is temporary. The first commissioned work was by Berlin-based art collective Slavs&Tatars. Known for their love of word-plays and aphorisms, the artists used ready-made tiles to spell out a dictum by the German philosopher Johann Georg Hamann across the two sites: “Für die Langweile des Publikums von einem Liebhaber der langen Weile” (“For the boredom of the public, from a lover of boredom”)

Client: DB Station&Service AG

Role: Curator & Commissioner

Date: 2019

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Christoph Niemann's Portrait of Wannsee 


S-Bahnhof Wannsee, Berlin

'Wannsee' is an 80m long – permanent – site specific art commission curated by urKultur for Deutsche Bahn at Wannsee Station, Berlin. The artwork by Germany's leading illustrator Christoph Niemann, represents his first major public art work. The works presents well known and celebrated features of Wannsee - the lake, bathers, the Liebermann Villa but also its darker side, the House of the Wannsee Conference. Die Zeit Magazine dedicated a 6 page feature to the work which you can see here. More links to selected articles below and a short film by the artist.

Client: DB Station & Service AG

Role: Curator & Producer

Date: 2018​

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© Christian Werner and Jörg Gläscher

Encounter at Bellevue


Ruth Ur and Edmund De Waal meet with the German Federal President 

As part of a series called Begegnung at Bellevue (Encounters at Bellevue), Ruth Ur and the artist and author of bestselling Hare with the Amber Eyes, Edmund de Waal, were invited to meet with the German Federal President, Frank-Walter Steinmeier. The subject of the meeting was an exchange of ideas and perspectives on the role of art in processes of commemoration and remembrance, as well as in strengthening of civil society.

Date: 2018

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© Bundespräsidialamt

New Historical Museum for Thessaloniki


Museological Concept for Museum of Jewish Life and the Holocaust 

urKultur was commissioned to produce the Programmatic and Museological Feasibility Study for the planned 6,000 sqm Museum of Jewish Life and the Holocaust in Thessaloniki. This project represents one of the biggest and most culturally sensitive projects under development in Greece today. urKultur produced the feasibility study working together with financial consultants and the architects Efrat Kowalsky & Heide von Beckerath. We were also part of the team who presented the concept to the donors: the German Government and Stavros Niarchos Foundation.

Client: Jewish Community Thessaloniki 

Role: Author of Feasibility Study (Ruth Ur & Stefanie Oswalt)

Date: 2018


© Efrat Kowalsky and Heide von Beckerath 

Buckingham Palace Illuminated for UK&India 2017


Design by Studio Carrom

Ruth Ur was commissioned by Buckingham Palace to develop ideas for a reception hosted by HM The Queen to launch the UK India Year of Culture. Ruth came up with the idea to cover the facade with an illuminated art work. She invited all-female, UK/India based design Studio Carrom to develop an image to celebrate the unique relationship between the two countries. This was to be the first-ever art projection covering the entire facade of the palace. It was a complex commission both because of the technical requirements, but also because of political sensitivities. We could not afford to have anything go wrong and luckily it didn't.

Client: Buckingham Palace

Role: Curator for British Council and in cooperation with the Indian High Commission, London

Date: 2017


© David Christian

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New Directions for Historic Painter's Villa

Liebermann Villa, Wannsee

The Liebermann Villa is a small treasure of a museum on the shores of Lake Wannsee. It is the former home of German Jewish impressionist artist Max Liebermann and the museum is dedicated to his life and work. Ruth Ur worked with the team of the Villa over a period of 18 months to develop new engagement strategies and events to draw in younger audiences, forge international links, develop new funding streams and to help put Berlin's best kept secret on the map.

Client: Liebermann Villa Berlin

Role: Advisor & Special Projects 

Date: 2017 - 2018


© Arne Krüger

The Art of Diplomacy


British Ambassador's Residence Berlin

urKultur was invited to develop a custom-made tour of the incredible range of British art works hanging in the British Ambassador's Residence in Berlin. The Residence collection includes works by masters of British painting such as Walter Sicket, Leon Kossoff, as well as portraits of royals and significant – though often relatively unknown – points of connection between Germany and Britain. 

Client: British Embassy

Role: Concept & Tour

Date: Ongoing


© Ruth Ur